Here we focus on the studio as a point of engagement, the process of making being crucial and as intensely engaging. we give space for critical exploration through supporting research An audience is invited and we often carry books and exchange books with artists with an intimate but diverse group of professions Medicine, law, entrepreneurs, engineers etc. We also carry along writers who we are interested in about the artists we visit. Activating archives as a resource in contemporary art production: historical and cultural sites, physical libraries, human libraries, as potential knowledge embodiment. UNDER GROUND currently relies on mobility for fluidity and flexibility: On movement between places and people. We still recognise the importance of physical art spaces and it’s potential together with organizing and mobilizing and networking and therefore we will in the near future need a conducive space. Studio Crit Format attempts to devise tools for a gallery practice that will encourage

Established in 2015, UNDER GROUND Contemporary Art is a creative initiative of Kei Hashimoto, an artist from Japan and Nantume Violet, a curator from Uganda. The art space was established to provide a platform for critical engagement and interaction between Ugandan and African artists and curators, and as a space for art collaboration for artists around Africa. In collaboration other curators and art producers, the space focuses on supporting experimental and new media art forms into the mainstream art industry in Uganda. UNDER GROUND space provides a platform for free exhibition making for artists and for exchange and skill development for young Ugandan and African visual artists. Hashimoto and Nantume. Photo by Erau TimothyThe project space is essentially an attempt to respond to several needs within the visual arts sector, including accessibility, professional development of young practitioners, audience development, as well as the challenge of collector-artist relationship. It also aims